Affiliate Compass Pro

Affiliate Compass Pro is an improvised and expanded version of Affiliate Compass that teaches anyone – whether they are starting out or been doing internet marketing for sometime – the simplest way to make money online.

It is a step-by-step A-Z niche marketing blueprint that gets them from being broke and nowhere to go into making money everywhere online with confidence.

By definition, niche marketing means you can make money from not just internet marketing but niches outside it as well. Whether they are health and fitness, personal development in information products, physical products as in things people like you and I buy everyday from local stores or CPA offers.

Through these niches, you build fully-fledged authority sites and drive traffic to different channels while building your email list at the same.

In the wake of Google’s constant and relentless updates over the last 4 years, the days of putting up small review sites with just 1 to 3 posts, adsense ads, banners and focusing on just 1 or 2 keywords are well and truly over.

What Google is looking for right now are sites that not only provide information – related to what people need or want through their search terms or keywords – but also relevant and helpful tips along the way.

Because behind every keyword lies an underlying question on the searcher’s mind and it is the marketer’s role to find out what those questions are and address them accordingly through those sites.

And this is what Affiliate Compass Pro is all about. It is a simple 4-step process whereby you:

1. Do Market And Keyword Research

2. Create Unique And Valuable Content Either By Yourself Or Hiring Someone

3. Set Up Your WordPress Site

4. Driving Traffic To Your Site

With that said, this is what you will get from this course should you decide to enroll.

1. PDF Guide

Which reveals everything the author knows and has been doing everyday for 5 years to make money online.

2. Video Tutorials

They consists of 4 core modules as in:

I – Introduction

In which the author explains the origins of money and how it works in the real world, his own story of how he got started, what his course is about in overview, knowing yourself, connecting yourself with others online and personal branding. 

II – Fundamentals 

Here he explains the differences between on-and-offline businesses, different models of internet marketing, market and keyword research, getting domains and web hosting, how and where to find affiliate programs. 

III – Workflow

This is where you need to take serious action besides going through the course. 

You will learn how to:

1. Generate high-quality content,

2. Set up your WordPress site,

3. Put up your landing page, 

4. Get images and create sliders,

5. Insert text into headers,

6. Create PDF report, e-cover and upload it,

7. Cloak your affiliate links

8. Set up your autoresponder and followup emails,

9. Make your site silo-structured and SEO-optimized,

10. Driving traffic to your sites through different channels and make money online. 

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