Building Sites

We have covered niche, keyword research and generating content in the last few emails.

Now we are going to cover building sites.

When it comes to building site, this is one of the biggest confusion and frustration to many people starting out on the internet.

When I started out in 2008, I used Blogger – a free site creation platorm by Google. Subsequently I used Kompozer and then Money Maker, XSite Pro and eventually WordPress.

Whichever you choose, find one that you find comfortable with and stick to it until you made some money online.

Below are 2 video tutorials on how to build a WordPress site and e-commerce store. 

1. How To Build A WordPress Site

2. How To Build A WordPress E-Commerce Store

Here is one website you might be interested to check out for very high quality free and paid WordPress themes like the one you see on your left right now.