Different Models Of Internet Marketing

So far, I have shared about myself as in my life and how I got started. 

I also shared with you how and why money works whether people thinks its allocation is fair or unfair. 

In this post, I will share with you 6 different models of internet marketing. 

Truth being said, internet marketing is a general term for making money online. 

Just like how setting up a business in real world. 

But do you know under internet marketing, there are different models?

Just like in jobs and businesses, there are different industries and fields. 

Having said that, here are the 6 current popular business models. 

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is by far the easiest and most basic online business model. 

Firstly, you do not need to invest money to make money but if you are serious about scaling your earnings should you make money, this can be an option you should consider in future. 

As affiliate, you are free to promote any product or service.

Be it physical consumer goods people like you and me buy regularly from stores at Amazon or digital / information products like online learning courses and tools at Clickbank.

Having been in this for 11 years now, I came to realize there are 2 types of affiliates. 

Those who are just in make money online niche or those in other niches like investments, personal development etc. 

2. Creating And Selling Information Products

By information, I mean digital e-or-online-learning courses and tools like PDF resources and software. 

2 of the largest marketplaces specializing in these are Clickbank and JVZoo. 

3. E-Commerce And Dropshipping

This involves selling physical products as your own. 

Can be Amazon FBA, White Label, E-Bay and Shopify. 

However this requires upfront costs and you need to pay your suppliers while making sure what your customers get ordered gets delivered to them in exactly what they ordered for on time. 

In order to get paid continuously with a peace of mind. 

4. Local Business Consulting

This involves sharing and applying what you know about online marketing with local business owners as their online business consultant.

Due to current pandemic, many brick-and-mortar businesses get affected in one way or another. 

But if you have a way to reach out to them and get them to pay you for helping get their businesses back on track with your online marketing strategies, this may be for you. 

The only disadvantage is some business owners may have unrealistic expectations and if you are unable to deliver for whatever reason, they may take drastic actions to recover their costs. 

5. Mobile Apps

With the rise of mobile marketing in recent years, this is another venture you may consider going into.

You can do this for your own products, other people’s products as affiliate or even offered this to local businesses who do not have a proper or any online presence. 

6. Kindle Book Publishing 

This involves writing and publishing books to Amazon Kindles for long-term, lucrative and consistent royalty profits. 

Having said that, I hope this will not only enlighten you but enable you to decide for yourself which option is best for you now and in future.