Domain Registration And Generating Content From Your Keywords

Today I am going to talk about domain registration and generating content from the keywords you gathered about your niche.

From the 20-30 keywords I consolidated, I choose the one with most searches, least competition and fair amount of PPC ads before registering as my domain name at Namecheap.


You can also register at GoDaddy.


If that domain is not available, I will pick the next runners-up keyword. Once available, I register as my domain name.

Next I got web hosting at Hostpapa.


This is for me to publish the site for everyone to see.

Besides this, you can consider Bluehost and Liquid Web as well. 


Liquid Web

The rest of the keywords will be used as my article title and content for my site and submission to article sites like Ezine Articles.

Besides articles, I created bookmarks, classified ads, PDF reports, press releases and videos as well.

All these took me about 2-3 weeks based on a formula I used.

Besides using keyword as my domain, I will include them in my article title, first and final paragraph.

I will do the same to my bookmarks, ads, PDF reports, press releases and videos in both title and description.

Here are my 2 recommendations to get articles:

1. Free PLR Articles

Upon signing up free, you will receive a set of articles on different topics by Robert Dickson for next 8-9 months.

Only disadvantage you will not get articles on the niche you like right away.

Go here. 

2. PLR E-Book Club

Here is another great resource for getting not just PLR articles but e-books and landing pages as well. 

Alternatively, you can outsource to freelance writers at sites like Fiverr and Upwork if you still cannot get the content you want in your chosen niche.

3. Article Builder

This is a web-based software tool I invested and have been using since 2015 upon my friend’s recommendation. 

Hope that helps in getting your content for your sites.