Emag And Catalogue CompassE-Mag And Catalogue is a step-by-step e-learning course that will teach you how to create and submit high-quality e-magazines and catalogues to high traffic sites.

This is so whether you are promoting other people’s products or your own online and can all be done using either Microsoft Word or Open Office and Adobe PDF.

Comprising of PDF e-book and video tutorials guide, here is what you will be learning should you decided to enroll for the course.

0 – Introduction

Here I will give a brief overview of what you can expect to get out of the course.

1 – Account Sign Up And Niche Selection

Here I will show you how to sign up for relevant account and selecting a profitable niche.

2 – Keyword Research

In this video, I will explain keyword research as in what it is and how to apply this as the next method.

3 – Where To Get Content

Here I will show you how and where to get content legally for your e-magazine and catalogue.

4 – Creating Your Ecover

I will be revealing how to create your ecover

5 – Formatting Your Content

You will be learning how to format your content properly be it Microsoft Word or Open Office before saving as PDF.

6 – Putting All Together

Finally, I will be putting everything together before submitting to relevant sites as promotion.

7 – Submitting Your E-Magazine And Catalogue

Once everything is done as required, I will show you the sites to submit your e-magazine and catalogue.

8 – List Building And Email Marketing

Here you will discover how these 2 methods can help to increase your income exponentially along what you already learn and done.

9 – Conclusion

Finally, I will recap what I taught and conclude this entire course.

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