The Entire Process Of Making Money Online Simplified

In this post, I am going to simplify the entire process of making money online even though I admitted I do made mistakes in my early IM days despite knowing this.

That is list building and email marketing of information products through this method can be duplicated in physical products as well.

But as this post is written for newbies in mind, I decided to focus on promoting information or digital products as in e-books and video courses.

In contrary to what most internet marketers preached, my first step is to have your own blog.

You might ask:

1. Wesley, why blog?

2. Why not squeeze page?

3. Isn’t squeeze page alone make money faster?

My answer is simple.

First of all, people do not know you and given the increasing number of scams these days, they become very skeptical about buying stuff especially online.

According to Adam Short whom I signed up as his Niche Profit Classroom member and student for, a blog is a trust generator.

It enables readers to know what information you shared and how is it going to help them improve their lives or solve their problems before they decided whether or not to trust you let alone buy from you. 

When I blogged, it is not just to share with others but to build a strong following and network of readers.

It is only when i achieved that then I created my squeeze page.

Let me ask you a question. 

Will you prefer to build a list of say 200 people who trusted and will likely to buy from you through your blog or a list of 1000 people whom you just get from free and paid traffic straight to squeeze page?

While having a squeeze page alone is faster to make money online, you will also lose money and subscribers in the long run if you just focused on recommending affiliate and own offers without providing any substantial valuable content in between the process.

That is when a blog comes in.

Just like what you are reading right now.

The fastest way to get people to your blog is to find and comment on blogs related to your niche.

You can also set up a Facebook fanpage which you can advertise for just $5 a day to get fans to read your first 2-3 sentences of your posts followed by a link to your blog for those interested in wanting to read and find out more about what you have to say.

You can also set up a Youtube channel which you can do videos of yourself talking on camera or Powerpoint slides or both with a link to your blog.

Once you got the following of at least say 100-200 people, you can create squeeze page to get them to optin to your list. I sometimes get them from relevant forums with my blog and landing page links in my signature below my posts.

Although there are other methods like article marketing, classified and paid advertising and press releases, those methods i just mentioned work the best.

Once they opted into your list, you presented them with a one-time offer relevant to what you are giving them.

Can be a free report on internet marketing, a free video or series of free videos like my Affiliate Compass course followed by your affiliate offer or even your own products. 

Some will buy while most others just want to optin for your free gift which is perfectly fine since you can still follow up with them via sending them emails through Aweber or Getrespone autoresponder which I recommend.

When sending them emails, you can –

1. recommend them affiliate products related to your niche. This can include the one-time offer which they do not take up upon signing for your list.

2. send them to your blog posts sharing your experiences and free tips on what it takes to succeed online and

3. Youtube videos in which your subscribers can listen and watch you talking and sharing about what you know.

You can also create a Facebook group for them to join, get to know and interact with each other based on what they know, what they lack and helping each other out.

However, when it comes to promoting physical products say Amazon and AliExpress or CPA offers which I will explain more in future posts, I tend to break the rules of list building.

I just build affiliate sites, put up FB fanpages and posted ads linking to my fanpage and fanpage posts. 

Having read this post, I hope it gives you a better understanding and clarity of how this internet marketing works.