Me With Patric Chan

I come from the tiny island of Singapore in Southeast Asia.

I am a full time internetpreneur and have been running my online businesses for 8 years now since 2008.

As in promoting other people’s products as well as my own online.

Whether they are information, physical or CPA products.

The approaches I used in promoting them varies ranging from simple one-page lead capture webpage for list building and email marketing, affiliate review sites, blogs and e-books publishing.

Holland Village

I was born and raised in a unique town district called Holland Village in the 1970s.

Before Yishun 10 and Bishan Junction 8 – for those of you who are my fellow Singaporeans reading this, Holland Village is among the few off-town areas to have a shopping mall which still exists today though it is already very old but simply repainted and renovated in some areas.

My childhood days – much like my current situation – were pretty much lonely though I have had my fair share of playing time and companionship with my cousins.

Because I was a quiet and shy introvert, I did not have many friends and was often bullied and taken advantage of during my primary and secondary school days.

The teachers were mostly not helpful – which you might be surprised since it contradicted with our current government said about our present education teachers as empathetic.

My parents were also busy working people. My dad was a primary school teacher who did not want me to study in his school due to conflict of interest and my mom was a hotel housekeeping supervisor.

Because I have had to figure out everything on my own with little or no social support, I was not doing well in my studies.

But I was also not doing badly either.

It was just that throughout those 5 years, I kept failing in Mathematics which made me have to work harder and score better in all other 3 subjects.

Because of that, I eventually shifted from elite Henry Park Primary to neighborhood Bukit Batok Secondary closer to my grandma’s place.

My life at Bukit Batok Secondary was much better although I committed some stupid shoplifting crime at 17 which nearly got me into jail given the seriousness of my country law system.

After my Secondary School years which were equivalent to your high school – if you are US or European readers, I went to ITE Clementi to study my weakest Accounting subject.

Unfortunately because I was late for class 3 times in a row for the last semester, I was debarred from final exams.

After that, I went to serve a 2 year compulsory National Service and upon completion, went to work and never go back to studying in schools again.