Why I Choose Amazon Marketing And 4 Ways You Can Make Money From

In this post, I am going to share my story of how I got involved in Amazon marketing and mostly importantly, how you can profit in 4 different ways despite the fact it pays lower commissions than say Clickbank and JVZoo at the start.

Though I set up 5 accounts with Amazon with different usernames, I also started to be active in promoting starting in 2013.

Even though I began my internet marketing journey in 2008, I have been promoting information or digital publishing products like e-books, video courses, software, website templates and WordPress themes mainly from Clickbank and Paydotcom which used to be very popular like what JVZoo is now.

But things changed in early 2012 when Michael Rasmuseen – one of the successful internet marketers I subscribed and became a customer of – and his business partner Mike Mograbi decided to give me their entire Affiliate Cash Snipers course along with all their upsells.

And the reason why they gave me such special treatment is because I complimented Michael on Warrior Forum and secondly, I helped him make money – in fact a lot of money – for his past info courses Mini Site Profits Exposed, Email Promo Exposed, Joint Ventures Exposed and Get More Buyers.

However the method which I used to help him make money can only be used to promote his products only. That is his only condition.

Long story short, that course is about Amazon marketing as an affiliate or associate in which besides the main video tutorial course, it consists of monthly intel reports in which I will get information on what products sell best for each of the 12 months consistently and software tools and plugins to build high quality Amazon review sites and banners.

Unfortunately while those were good news, the bad news was that I was still struggling with WordPress that time.

I have been building sites with Kimpozer, Blogger and XSitePro2 – a desktop website builder I invested for $197.

So I did not implement the methods rightaway other than just placing ads in classified sites like Adlandpro, Craiglist, Gumtree and US Free Ads constantly.

It was only in 2013 the following year I finally mastered the basics and fundamentals of WordPress after going through Mark Ling’s AffiloBlueprint which is another story.

However I was still troubled.

Because since 2011, Google had been making persistent changes to the way they ranked sites which also affected me badly personally. Something I don’t really like to share let alone talk about it.

Then an idea came into my mind. And that is why not promote physical products from Amazon instead?

Considering that Amazon is a worldwide and well-known brand name for selling physical products, why not leverage upon it since people going there to search for products are more likely to buy than say people going to Google to look for information be it make money online, business opportunities or how to solve certain problems.

The first website I built is Automatic Espresso Machines. It is a very simple website just 3 reviews of 3 best selling automatic espresso machines on Amazon.

I did not make any money from there.

It was only when I invested in a new Azon theme, set up another site and promoted air purifiers that my first breakthrough came.

To be honest, I was not just thinking of making money. I was building and promoting that site to people looking for air purifiers to enjoy cleaner and healthier air.

It was done in July 2013 in which my country Singapore experienced the worst haze due to illegal forest fires in neighbouring country Indonesia.

I build a WordPress review site and linked through other blogging platforms like Blogger, Webs and Weebly as well as placing more ads in classified sites I mentioned above.

In about 4 months, I made my first $100 and cashed out $200 eventually from the check they sent me.

Since then, I never looked back and keep building more sites on digital cameras, Amazon Kindles and now I am building authority sites on Christmas, Chinese New Year and Thanksgiving gifts.

Having related my story at this point, here are 4 ways you can make money from Amazon.

1. You can start out as an affiliate or associate – as they preferred to call it by promoting other people’s products – preferably best sellers, new hot releases and most wished for items.

2. You can be a seller listing your own products in which you make money from people buying from you or promoting for you as associates.

3. You can create your own mobile and game apps and listed down in Amazon Apps category.

4. You can be a freelance writer and publisher of Amazon Kindle books on any topic you want to write about and like to share with others while making money.


Besides Affiliate Cash Snipers, I also invested in AmaSuite by Chris Guthrie and Dave Guindon in the same year 2012.

While Dave is a software developer by profession besides doing internet marketing, Chris Guthrie is truly a master and go-to-marketing consultant when it comes to Amazon marketing.

In all 4 methods I mentioned above.

If you got time, you can check out AmaSuite here.