Youtube Compass

This is the course that covers and teaches everything you need to know, present well on and monetize from the world’s biggest and most popular video sharing sites for 15 years running.

Compared with other bonus course, this is by far the most comprehensive comprising of 8 modules – each module consisting of 4 to 8 videos with Introduction and Conclusion as first and last videos. 

Along with PDF resources, here is what you will be learning should you decided to enroll for the course.

0. Introduction – Here I will provide the overview of how Youtube has emerged as among the top social media and video sharing sites. 

1. Module 1 – Getting Started

Before getting started, you need to know your objective of starting a Youtube channel, determining your target audience, understanding your direct competition, scheduling your uploads, equipment and software you need to set up and allocating the time to do videos. 

2. Module 2 – Selecting Your Niche

Here you will be learning how to select your niche by determining what you are good at, selecting a category, researching topics and why you should consider a desperate niche to earn as soon as possible. 

3. Module 3 – Optimize Your Channel For Success

Here you will be choosing memorable channel name, coming up with an attractive channel icon, creating your channel trailer, integrating social media links, including channel art and decorating The About section.

4.  Module 4 – Developing Your Content Strategy

Here you will learn how to develop your content strategy as in being consistent and type of videos you can create over time. 

5. Module 5 – Strategies To Build Your Audience

Here you will learn different strategies to build your Youtube audience such as relevant niche videos commenting, using social media, participating in forums and Facebook groups etc.

6. Module 6 – Strategies To Increase Engagement

Here you will discover and develop additional strategies to increase audience engagement.

Like creating attractive thumbnails, adding annotations, keeping your videos brief and to the point etc. 

7. Module 7 – How To Monetize Your Youtube Channel

Here you will be learning how to monetize or make money from your Youtube channel by promoting products through various affiliate network. 

8. Module 8 – Mistakes To Avoid In Your Youtube Channel

Here I will be pointing out and explain so that you do not have to make those mistakes again. 

Other than those, you will also be getting PDF checklist, resource cheat sheet and mindmap. 

I used to sell this as a separate e-learning course but to save on web hosting and domain costs, I decided to bundle as part of my Affiliate Compass Pro course you can check out here.