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Amuro Wesley PhotoAmuro Wesley is a full time internetpreneur and freelance writer.

Before doing this, he used to be a struggling employee in low-skill jobs such as admin, data-entry and telemarketing.

This is primarily due to his poor results in school and prefer-to-mind-his-own-business introvert mentality and personality.

Today, he runs several online businesses in list building, niche marketing and writing books having started in 2008 and doing full-time since 2010.

He realizes that no matter how good or how bad his situation and past was, nobody owed him a living and success on silver plater.

And if he is to achieve success, he has to learn to get it by himself or get others to get for him rather than doing for others which may or may not be in his interest.

During the course of his online career and journey, he works a total of 20 hours daily – much more than his working life despite working from home.

From 2pm all the way til 7am.

It is only when most people in his country woke up then he slept and woke up again to began his routine.

However he is free on Fridays til Sundays although on Sunday evenings, he likes to plan his working week ahead.

This has been his routine and life for the past 6 years now.

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